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Avoiding a Police State

Avoiding a Police State.

Citizen Media

My good friend Milkenko Williams recently attended a colloquium at Manchester University (as an observer, I believe) and has written a number of blogs on the position of the citizens media in the scheme of things. The fact that all have the ability, through mobile phones, Twitter and so on to send news around the world raises certain questions. 

I do not wish to add too much to what he says and would strongly suggest you start at the beginning – the first of the series is titled, “Citizen Media: very academic thoughts mediated by a very non-academic” – and work your way through what he has to say. 

It is of special interest to me because I wear two hats being both a hack (some might be kind and describe me as a journalist but one who has always worked freelance and has never drawn a salary) and a political blogger. I try very hard when wearing my hack hat to avoid allowing my opinions to creep into what I am reporting and try just as hard when blogging to base my opinions on the facts as I understand them. Whether I succeed or not is for others to judge. Clearly most who contribute to Citizen Media tend not to feel those constraints. Anyway, enough from me – go and read what Mil says on this subject it is well worth the effort. Here is the link to the first of the series.