About Me

There was a time when this blog was almost entirety to do with politics. As my wife, Marcia, is fond of saying ‘politics don’t work’. Obviously that is shorthand for more complex ideas but she is right in that party politics as now practiced in the UK have ceased to serve the people as they should. No doubt I shall continue to blog here on matters political as and when the mood takes me. However, I want to open things up a bit and talk about other matters as well.

No doubt it will continue to reflect my political views (liberal conservative is the closest I can come to them but please note the lower case “l” and “c”) and my main disability (serious deafness) although I do not wish to dwell too much on that problem..

My novelist wife is far more famous than I am which is right and proper: she has had twenty-eight novels published and has been translated into sixteen languages. That makes it sound as if that career has finished: far from it as there will be a new novel published in August and another is ‘work in progress’.

If you really want to know more about us please take a glimpse at our web sites. Click here to see Marcia’s and click here to see mine.

Meanwhile, every Friday I write a blog which covers a wide range of subjects but is generally about writing, Marcia’s novels or the west country of England where those novels are set. The blog is usually illustrated by photographs that I have taken over the years and these often reflect my interest in all matters to do with natural history and the countryside. Click here to read the blog.

3 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Rodney,
    I know you’re heavily engaged in fiction at the moment but I just read a blog post of my favourite, Irish economist, David McWilliams, on local democracy of the Swiss kind and I hope you can spare five minutes to read it.
    It happens to tail beautifully with our earlier discussion of parliamentary and local democracy enriched by the right of referendum.
    All the best,

    • Many thanks for that link, Ronald. As you would expect I am with the Swiss model nearly all the way. Oddly I am writing a blog at the moment – probably be finished tomorrow, in which I talk about my Canadian cousin and her Swiss husband and an argument they had when I was staying with them (near Basel).

      I have little doubt that we shall come to realise the need for local power and for more local decision making driven by the people. Should that be expressed by referendums? Are there other models? I will try to come bck to that at a later date. Meanwhile, all I can do is to rant and to hope that someone listens.

      Very interesting piece – once again my thanks for bringing it to my attention. I shall follow him.

  2. Hi Rodney,
    In the wake of the Scottish (in)dependence referendum, now here comes an Essex MP demanding “home rule”.
    Call for Essex to get the same powers as Scotland
    Who’s going to speak up for the West Countries?

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