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The To Do List


Blog 2013 09 12Nearly half way through September; children back at school; people back at work; the end of the silly season and so time to pick up the threads and decide on the priorities for the next few months before the feasting and the fun of whatever it is you celebrate around 25 December. Does writing a public “to do” list mean it will be more likely to be achieved? I don’t really know the answer to that one but I’ll try and see what happens. Here, then, is my “to do” list.

  • The signs regarding parking charges in the South Hams of South Devon. I feel quite strongly about this, Despite – or because of – the silence of the elected representatives and the nonsensical (sorry but they are) letters from the council’s “communications officer” who, oddly, writes to me on a letterhead carrying the address of the SHDC in Totnes sent in an envelope posted in Tavistock and franked by the West Devon Borough Council (don’t ask) I feel that this dishonesty should stop. It is not, as “they” seem to think that I feel the charges are wrong but that the public is being misled because the signs offer deals that are not available and suggest others without pointing out the additional costs involved. As to the charges: well it is a national disgrace that they are as high as they are. The people that suffer are the poorest and that is not right. Expect to hear more from me on this score.

  • Governance. Some of you will know that I am concerned about the fabric of governance in the UK which I believe no longer works as it should for the benefit of the people of the UK. I suppose by that I mean the majority who, by definition, are neither rich nor powerful. Depending on how you look at it, this is a problem for politics or for the way we are governed or (of course) both. Everyone concentrates on the politics – I am inclined to think more about governance. Under my guidance we tried to do something: hence 2020UK and Team UK. Both failed but I hope none of us involved will give up. Perhaps it could be third time lucky but at the moment I am at a loss as to what can be done.

  • The Friday Blog. Some of you will know that this is all to do with touching base with Marcia’s readers. It appears every Friday and has done so for a number of years. It seems to be very popular and is read throughout the English speaking world as well as a few unexpected places (such as China).

  • Blogs I follow. These are written by people I consider worth listening to and I will continue to try to support them as much as I can.

  • This blog. I want to try and put up short thoughts more often rather than long pieces. This is mainly because I really do want comments that help to create debate and that means somehow turning the blog more into a meeting place than one in which I express my thoughts: yours are equally important if not more so. I also intend to try and put photos on it – for no reason other than that they can offer a bit of amusement.

  • Hattie’s Mill Revisited: Hattie’s Mill was Marcia’s fifth novel but the first one in which we started to work together. She, of course, continued to provide the creative bits and her characterisation is all her own but I, starting with this book, have become more and more involved in finding the locations (and then taking the photographs from which I create a montage or two which she keeps to hand whilst writing) and basic research. The idea behind this booklet is to give readers an insight into how the book was written and how, between us, we gently distorted the real landscape to fit the requirements of the novel (eat your heart out, Einstein). Anyway, this is going quite well and I hope to see it delivered to the printers before the end of the year.

  • Pace myself. Health wise the last few years have been a bit of a roller-coaster. One problem is that the moment I feel a bit better I start rushing around again and – bang! I really must learn to be more sensible (another case of triumph of hope over experience, I fear).

That’s it for now. May I wish you all a really happy and worthwhile autumn.